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What we do

Process Automation
Process Automation Projects

Optimized & future proof automation solution for all process control systems. Our designs are targeted towards achieving 100% un-manned operation.

Oil & Gas | Water-treatment | Bio-fuels | Hydrogen | Hydro power | Cement | Mining

System Integration
System Integration & Interface

3rd party & external system integration with main control system. We handle all aspect of the integration including, concept design, communication & logic programming, HMI, cyber-security, remote-access, Testing & commissioning.

Smart device integration
Smart device integration

Smart device/instrument integration for improved diagnostics, predictive alerts, reliability, safety, data-analytics.

Profinet - Profibus (PA/DP) | EtherNet/IP | EtherCAT | IO-Link | Modbus | HART | NAMUR | MQTT | LoRaWAN | 2.4G WiFi | Wireless HART | OPC-UA

Industrial IoT (IIoT)
IIoT/Data analytics/Cloud compute

From developing a scalable IIoT solution for existing infrastructure to designing a completely new future proof concept

A combination of both Edge & Cloud compute technologies achieves maximum optimization

Audit, Verification & Validation

Reviewing, auditing and verification/validation for projects automation, cyber-security, process control & technical safety.

Power grid communication

Fast track data communication implementation between power generation process plants, substations & grid control centers

IEC 60870-5-101/104 | DNP3 | IEC 61850

ICONICS ( System Integrator )

ICONICS provides automation software solutions that visualize, historize, analyze, and mobilize real-time information for any application on any device.

ICONICS software solutions include advanced visualization and control; rapid archiving and retrieval; in-depth data analysis; data mobility; IIoT/cloud integration and more.

GENESIS64 | IoTWorX | AnalytiX

Functionsl/Technical Safety

Determine if your process plant need’s to implement safety instrumented functions to reduce unaccepted risks. We do complete qualitative & quantitative studies in accordance with IEC 61511 to determine required safety integrity level (SIL).

Engage us during any of these phases of the safety life-cycle

  • Hazard & risk assessment
  • Allocation of safety functions to protection layers
  • Management of overall functional safety program
  • Safety requirement specification (SRS)
  • Safety analysis report (SAR)
  • Design & engineering of safety instrumented systems
  • Verification of all stages of safety lifecycle
Software Libraries

Speed-up your PLC/DCS based projects without any aditional development costs with our ready to use process control & device control libraries. The libraries handle both control logic and graphical user interface.

Our tested C/C++, C# & Python based applications for edge & cloud devices makes IIoT & Data analytics implementation extreamly cost & time efficient.

Automation systems

We have collaboration with & competence on all major automation OEM's. This gives us the ability to deliver the right mix of technology for your specific needs.
ABB | Siemens | Schneider | Wago | Rockwell Automation

Industrial Products

TEKY has partnered with Valmark (UAE) to exclusively deliver full range of Industrial Valves, Pipes, Modular process skids in the Nordic region.
Teky Industrial Products


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